In this year alone, approximately 15,000 children will be diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer.

In addition, 16 percent of these children will not survive childhood. As an effort to end pediatric brain cancer, the Children’s Brain Trust encourages you to take a #HeadstandAgainstCancer. Tens of thousands of children will have their lives turned upside down this year because of cancer. What would you be willing to do to help them get back on their feet? How about turning yourself upside down? Take the Challenge and be the difference!
The Headstand Against Cancer Challenge is asking you to post a video or photo of yourself doing a headstand, along with a message of support to the kids fighting cancer, to show your solidarity in ending children's brain cancer. After completing the Headstand Challenge, invite three of your friends to either take the challenge, donate $5 to the Children’s Brain Trust, or both! With your help and participation, we can collectively take a #HeadstandAgainstCancer and accelerate to the day we find a cure for current and future generations.
Children’s Brain Trust (CBT) is an independent non-profit 501c3 organization that seeks to cure pediatric brain cancer. The program was founded by families of children diagnosed with brain tumor diseases. CBT acknowledges that more children are dying today from brain cancer than any other type of cancer; it’s now time the world acknowledges this too. By partnering with leading pediatric brain tumor centers, CBT is raising funds to support research that will find a cure. Your donation will go directly toward efforts to end pediatric brain cancer.
By participating and encouraging everyone to do the same, you play a role in CBT’s mission. With your help, we can #HeadStandAgainstCancer and save thousands of children’s lives each year.
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