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Thank you for your gift and for participating in the Headstand Against Cancer Challenge! Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. Your donation will go to support transformative pediatric brain cancer research at the Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program, situated in the Preston A. Wells, Jr. Center for Brain Tumor Therapy, at the University of Florida.

We are delighted that you chose to let the children fighting cancer know that you are in this battle with them. If we all take the challenge, collectively, we will bring an end to pediatric cancers by accelerating the pace of research. So, we encourage you to spread the word to your entire network of friends and family.

Thanks to people like you, the children will know they are not fighting alone. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email, . Please don’t forget to challenge three of your friends so we can increase awareness of the plight thousands of children are enduring every day!

Our sincerest thanks,

Paul G. Hale
President, Children’s Brain Trust

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